Understanding & Nurturing the Inner Critic (Online)

In the midst of fulfilling daily tasks and adjusting to the new norms, it is easy for us to get caught up in reactivity - i.e. living on autopilot, engaging in self-judgment or criticism and/or blaming others.

Combining meditation, reflection and exercises from Kristin Neff, Tara Brach and Louise Hay, this workshop will include:
βœ… A guided #Meditation on Nurturing Seeds of Safety
βœ… #Mirrorwork + #Affirmations
βœ… Sharing on the Yin and Yang of Self Compassion
βœ… Understanding the roles and objectives of the #InnerCritic and #InnerNurturer
βœ… Self-soothing body #Movements

Research shows that self-criticism is associated with increased stress, fear of failure, and avoidant behaviours. Stress can affect our health; and result in chronic pain or illnesses.

One way of managing stress is by practising self compassion. Self compassion is a way of relating to ourselves, especially in challenging times. It essentially means treating ourselves with the same kindness and acceptance that we may already be extending to others; and accepting our own strengths and imperfections equally.

Self compassion is a skill that can be cultivated and strengthened through practice.

Studies suggests that a compassionate lifestyle leads to greater psychological well-being. Those of us who are able to be more accepting of our shortcomings tend to have:
πŸ’‘ a greater sense of competence
πŸ’‘ a lesser chance of procrastination-related stress
πŸ’‘ higher reported levels of optimism, motivation and resilience
πŸ’‘ reduced feelings of isolation or disconnection

This Self Compassion Series Workshop is designed for those who are seeking to:
βœ… Explore new insights and perspectives to practise cultivating #SelfCompassion
βœ… Strengthen your practice in #Mindfulness and #Compassion
βœ… Shift #Mindset from self-criticism / judgment / blaming to #Abundance and #Motivation
βœ… Develop habits to build #Resilience towards stress, strengthen immune response, maintain #EmotionalBalance and reduce reactive anger
βœ… Meet #LikeMinded people who prioritise self care and well-being

Date: 19th July, Sunday (GMT+8)
Time: 3.30pm - 6.00pm (2.5 hours)
Venue: Zoom


πŸ’‘ FEE: RM60 per person

πŸ’‘ EARLY BIRD RATE: RM50 per person (before 13 July)

πŸ’‘ RM48 to participants who attended the 'Letter to Myself' workshop in May

πŸ’‘ BY DONATION for participants who have attended this workshop on 5.07.2020

Payment can be made either via:

-Bank transfer (Public Bank account - Pan Vic Qi 4561609225); or

-Paypal (https://www.paypal.me/reconnectandrecharge )

πŸ”†RSVP with Vic at +60165931762 or DM us for Prep Notes + Zoom Link.πŸ”†



Vic Qi is one who has great love for mountains, animals, adventures, mysteries and chocolates. Living by the quote, "authenticity over perfection", thus on the journey of inner discoveries and bonding.

One of her proud achievements is to dance in the public and she brought a group of 30 plus people to dance in the street of KL and KLCC in 2019. She enjoys dancing free-flow listening to the wisdom of the body to freely express herself. Her passion for dancing started since her first performance when she was 6 years old, currently embracing this gift of hers to show up as a Nature embodiment movement facilitator.

From a low self-esteem teenager who does not dare to look straight into people’s eyes to someone who dare to dance in public, she is happy to show up as who she is. Vic has represented Malaysia and Asia for World Largest Eye Contact Experiment 2017. She is the first Co-host of Eye Contact Experiment and World Dance Day in Malaysia. Before she started this path, she has experienced in leading 8 team members in a growing startup connecting universities and corporates.


Ca-Ryn's journey towards self mastery + self compassion began when she was diagnosed with burnout and mild depression in 2013. As a high achiever with perfectionist tendencies who used to say, "Sleep is for the dead", she learnt the importance of self care, vulnerability+ being gentle with herself. She started befriending her Inner Critic + learnt to re-parent her Inner Child.

Ca-Ryn is a litigation lawyer by profession with a deep passion in personal development + mastery of the mind, body and heart.

Ca-Ryn is a certified practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She is also certified in Pranic Psychotherapy and practises energy healing modalities. She is a Graduate of the Leadership Programme with Asiaworks Training Malaysia. Ca-Ryn is currently undertaking the Practitioner's Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis from London College of Clinical Hypnosis Asia.

As a Self Care Activist + Facilitator, she regularly facilitates workshops and hosts nature retreats for relaxation, overall well-being and human connection.

Beyond the legal realm, she has experience working as a Health Coach with 50 Keluarga Sihat 2018/19 (a programme initiated by the Ministry of Health Malaysia); and as a Youth Mentor for abused teenage girls at the Agape Vision Residential Treatment Centre 2019/20. She is a former Kickboxing Instructor and a holder of the Malaysian Book of Records for Most Martial Art Kicks by a Team in 24 Hours in 2008 (Cert No 2595).

Ca-Ryn is a driven, enthusiastic and passionately curious individual who aspires to create safe spaces for deep relaxation and authentic empowerment. In her free time, you will find her connecting with her loved ones and her dog Starfruit. She enjoys moments of silence, practising meditation and is learning to grow her indoor garden.

-> An open heart

-> Journal, post-its and pen

-> A mirror

-> A drink or snack

-> Conducive and quiet space


There was a whole bunch of exercises that we got a lot of 'Aha' from. And the visuals were amazing. So thank you girls for working so hard to put this together. It's phenomenal. And you really are very authentic and genuine. - Dianna Lane

I enjoyed today's workshop. Inner critic is something which I struggled a lot from childhood to now. Thankfully w spiritual practice, I'm learning to reprogram my mind. The step 4 reflection in your workshop gave me a new aha moment πŸ˜‰- Kathleen Poon

The experience I have with the letter to myself was a refreshing experience. I was writing in journal but it was with reference to another person. To write a letter with compassion, was harder because you hold back criticism about your own and try to see the best in yourself. It feels like you are lying at first. But if you re-read your letter, you began to see perhaps, you are the way you describe... - Rachel Brooke

I didn’t get the chance to talk about the positive points but it’s a job well done! Congratulations for putting them together! I would say it's a good job because I wanted to do the exercise for 2 years and didn't get a chance to try it, I thought there is real there because it did changed me so keep it up. - Anonymous

The activity gave me insight that I haven't been that compassionate towards my well-being as much as I would like to believe that I was. I ended up being a bit emotional after reading the letter again as a receiver rather than the writer and clearly shows how easily we can give compassion towards other people but rarely on ourselves. I will try to keep an active reminder to put myself first from time to time. - Adrissa Adam

Sound good to you? We can't wait to practise self compassion with you. RSVP with Vic at +60165931762 or DM us soonest for the zoom link. See you soon! =)

With Love,

Ca-Ryn + Vic Qi Mera
Sun Jul 19, 2020
3:30 PM - 6:00 PM MYT
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